Egyptian Giza Cotton

Egyptian Giza cotton is the finest of all cottons grown in Egypt. While cotton grown anywhere in Egypt can lay claim to the term “Egyptian cotton”, only the finest and purest cotton grown along the fertile banks of the Nile River can be called Egyptian Giza cotton, as the label “Giza” is highly regulated.

This precious cotton is hand-picked to avoid the degradation that occurs in mechanical cotton harvesting, which makes the harvesting process more tedious and costly. The quality, softness, and strength of Egyptian Giza cotton, however, is unrivalled, making the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to fabric-making.

Silky soft luxury

The fine quality of the raw material results in cotton that can be spun to an incredibly high yarn count, making it soft, breathable and lightweight material that allows your skin to breathe, and draws moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate quicker.

A lifetime investment

The tedious process that goes into harvesting and weaving Egyptian cotton makes it significantly more expensive than other types of cotton, however, it also results in fabric that lasts and maintains its quality longer than any other fabric available in the world. Over the span of a lifetime, you will likely spend less by choosing to invest in Egyptian cotton shirts, such as the shirts from Wayne Lowe’s Black Label range.

Tessitura Monti Logo
Tessitura Monti

Italian heritage runs strong in Tessitura Monti. Part of Gruppo Tessile Monti, the mill carries on its legacy of being the world’s leading producer of the highest quality yarn-dyed cotton shirting fabric.

Made from the purest Giza cotton, intricate weaves and patterns bring out the Monti signature style with perfection. The world’s leading brands prefer Tessitura Monti for the finesse in craftsmanship and the care given to quality.

Thomas Mason

In the late 18th century, Thomas Mason was one of the leading figures of the English textile industry, founding one of the first factories to manufacture cotton shirt fabric in England.

In 1992, the Italian Albini Group took over the brand and continued the tradition of making fabrics used by West End shirt-makers for London’s elite. The Thomas Mason collection is distinguished by its style and made with the very best Egyptian two-fold yarns.

Cotonificio Albini Logo
Contonificio Albini

Founded in 1876, the Albini Group remains a family business that today is run by the fifth generation of the family. The Group is driven by long-term continuity, and a strong attachment to the product, a shared ethical commitment.

The Albini Group is passionate about crafting fabrics for every occasion, from lightweight fabrics to those with more body and structure, from classic colours to more intense hues. The plains, the stripes, the checks, and the prints are creatively interpreted through the imaginative Fabio Albini, Creative Director of Albini Group.



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