Every single Wayne Lowe shirt is crafted from 100% cotton. But besides the composition of our material, we’re obsessed with its quality, at every stage of the process. From the way the cotton is grown, to the way it is harvested and woven, we strive to bring you only the best material.

Our Process

What makes a Wayne Lowe shirt so comfortable? At Wayne Lowe, we are passionate about quality, and at every single step of the way, we ensure that the finished product is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and looks amazing on you as well.

Step 1 – Selecting ply and yarn number. This involves looking through technical sheets and deciding how strong and smooth the fabric will feel like.

Step 2 – Selecting designs and weaving. We go through fabric books and personally feel each fabric by hand to determine if it is right for the shirt we have in mind.

Step 3 – Rigorous product testing. This is where our commitment and passion shows up. Once a shirt passes the “hand feel” test, we order a few meters to be tailored into a test shirt, which is worn by one of our staff for 3 – 6 months, to ensure comfort in different settings, fit, wrinkling, and durability.

Step 4 – Wash and iron testing. The shirt is put through different types of washing processes to check for piling or how easily the fabric wears out or whether it bleeds colour. It also goes through different types of ironing tests to see how easy it is to iron.

Step 5 – Bulk order placed. After our fabric passes the rigorous tests above, we place our order for the fabric in bulk.

Step 6 – Fabrics are delivered. The fabrics are sent to our factory and it is checked to make sure it is in good condition.

Step 7 – Fabrics are tailored into shirts. At the factory, the shirts go through another round of Quality Checks by a dedicated and passionate team to ensure each shirt is finely crafted before being sent to our store or warehouse.

Step 8 – Final check before shipping. Each time a customer orders a shirt online, we do a final check to ensure that it is in tip top condition. It is lovingly packed with care before being shipped to our customers.

Our Mills

We source our fabrics from small European family-owned mills and world-renowned Italian mills, including Cotonificio Albini, Tessitura Monti S.p.A., and Thomas Mason. These top-end mills have been carefully selected for being exquisite in their weave and finishing, and using only premium cotton.

regular-cottonRegular Cotton

Lightweight and breathable, 100% pure cotton


egyptian-cottonEgyptian Cotton

Soft yet durable, sourced from a small family-run Italian Mill


egyptian-giza-cottonEgyptian Giza Cotton

The finest cotton in the world, harvested by hand


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